Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving at the guys--mushrooming to return soon

Thanksgiving Dinner
Close-up of the turkey and carrots
Close-up of the rolls
Close-up of the butter
Close-up of the mashed potatoes
Close-up of the apple pie
Close-up of the pumpkin pie
Close-up of the cranberry sauce
Now that I've got you wondering, I'll explain. This series of photos does not show our Thanksgiving at the guys--I took them standing on the sidewalk at the corner of SW 11th and SW Alder, outside Knit Purl. I just called the store and found out that the food is felted, which I suspected it might be. Then the nice lady told me that it's not knitted, then felted, it's just felted, which she explained as working with the yarn with hot water--one of the ladies who teaches classes in the store made all of it.

Here's our real Thanksgiving lunch, courtesy of Lamont who used the meat from smoked turkey legs, the stock from the carcass, and pearl onions, butternut squash, parsnips, celery, and chanterelles (not the ones we found, though), plus a wonderfully flaky crust, to make these three turkey pot pies. He had smoked the turkey on Tuesday, after taking it off the bone; he shaved the breast meat into the perfect size for sandwiches.

I took this photo through the partially open oven door which made that shadow across the back two.
Lamont reached into the oven to get the pot pies out and put them onto the counter.
Here's a close-up of two of them.
Mama and I had the dessert assignment. After work on Wednesday, I went to Zupan’s at NW 23rd and Burnside where I had gone last year for a cute little cheesecake. I found another cheesecake, not a Dave-at-3-Doors-Down-looking-cheesecake, but an acceptable substitute. Then I got to sample a Jaciva cherry pie and knew I had to get one of them. The sample-lady informed me that Jaciva also makes apple pies, so I got one of them, too. I know, I know. That's a lot of dessert, but I wanted to do something special, out of the ordinary, and this is what I decided to do. Little did I know that dad and brother of the guys' other roomie, Brodie, were bringing pies, too! Theirs came from Whole Foods, a pumpkin and a pecan. I couldn't resist taking a pie-line-up photo!
Mama and Lamont, with her plate of turkey pot pie.
My pot pie.
Leland and Kailey with their pot pie.
Brodie's brother Chad and Brodie.
My cherry pie and my pecan pie. To tell you the truth, that's the best pecan pie that I've eaten in years, and I know where to go buy one for us--Mama and I love pecan pie!
Duncan walked all over the living room and kitchen, circling and sniffing, over and over until he finally wore himself out and flopped down on the floor. We'd brought his quilt, so he curled up underneath it while we finished eating and visiting.
Brodie, his dad Gary, his brother Chad, in front of the guys' fireplace, just before Gary and Chad left for home.
About half an hour later, Mama, Duncan and I left for home, too, courtesy of Leland who had driven over to pick us up and then took us back to the apartment. Kailey went along to keep us all company. Our Thanksgiving was memorable.

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