Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Mama is 83 years old tomorrow, January 23, 2009. Isn't she lovely?

Last Sunday we ate brunch at the Crescent Cafe in McMinnville, Oregon. In trying to get a good photo of her while we waited for our breakfast, as she sat across the table from me, I missed what I thought was the best one. So I asked her to look up again, at the huge mirror hanging on the wall. I'm happy with this photo, very happy indeed.


MissKris said...

Absolutely lovely! And may I be the first cyper-person to wish her a wonderful birthday! If my Mom was still alive she'd be 81. I lost her at 61. Hard to believe in April it'll be 20 years...20!!!

Cruising with Trader Vic said...

Happy Birthday Grandma Edna!!!!

The Washburn's
Fred, Lori, Rachael, Jack and Lexi the Wonder Chihuahua

Deb said...

Hi ~ Thanks for stopping in at my 'place' and for leaving a comment. I enjoyed my visit here - there is lots to see and to think about - I love your photos! Please pass on very happy birthday wishes to your mama - Celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mama! You're looking good.

Thanks for stopping and commenting on "Zero" on my 26 Letters blog.