Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pioneer Courthouse Square Mile Post Sign

Mile Post Sign
Distances to nine sister-cities and other geographical destinations are listed on this whimsical signpost.
I took this photo on February 28, when I was downtown after attending the Architectural Heritage Center's program "Writing Local History." Just so you know, I've tried to take photos of this mile post sign other times. This is the first one I've taken that I've liked, ever.

I've been to some of the sites, all either in Portland or nearby--Pacific Ocean, Zoo, Mt. Hood, Washington Park, Portlandia, Columbia River Gorge (Col Riv Gorge), TriMet Info, and Waterfront. I'm not sure where that Independence is, but when I Googled and MapQuested Portland to Independence, Missouri, I found that it's 1800 miles, so I guess that's not the Independence they mean.

Have you been to any of the sites show at this angle of the sign?

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