Monday, March 09, 2009

Seeking direction at the corner of SW Washington and 5th

I took this photo from the 18 bus, thus the reflections from the neon signs Kelly's Olympian, on the way home from work on March 2. The ladies are standing near the door to Everest College which states "Career training for life" on its Web site. Oh, I just noticed something. The ladies are seeking direction from the map. Students come to Everest seeking direction for their lives. Serendipity!
Here's Kelly's neon so that you can have the whole picture.

Please take a look at Mama’s 10 things at Casey’s blog. You can see each and every one of them as large photos by clicking on the small ones, and read her descriptions on the first page, beneath the small photos.

Sorry for not posting on Saturday and Sunday--way busy around here, having fun, helping Leland with an assignment.

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