Monday, March 02, 2009

Saturday a week ago's breakfast, yum-yum... mine and Mama's hands-down favorite breakfast spot in Portland, the Bijou Cafe.

My favorite on the menu--next to the buttermilk pancakes--is the omlette with Cypress Grove goat cheese, bacon, and some sort of green onion--I've eaten this almost every time I've been in there, you'd think I could remember the ingredients. Anyway, it was prepared perfectly, just like I wanted with the egg done. I'm not a fan of runny eggs. I do really love the taste of these roasted potatoes. I mean this in the best way possible--they taste like the earth. You can tell where they grew up before becoming a delicious addition to breakfast at the Bijou Cafe.
Speaking of the buttermilk pancakes, while the omelette comes with toast, brioche or a homemade muffin, I always substitute one buttermilk pancake. Here it is, with maple syrup, waiting patiently for my fork. Just so you know, I always make a few cuts across the pancake before I pour on the syrup--the syrup permeates the pancake better.

Bijou Cafe is at the corner of SW 3rd and Pine.

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