Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Swinging along in SE Portland

OK, so I'm chicken. I can't yet get myself to ask someone to let me photograph them for the blog. First, I don't want to slow them down when they so clearly have somewhere to go. Second, I don't want to be told no. Third, I don't want to be looked at like I've gone off the deep end. I know--cluck, cluck, cluck.

So until I can figure out how to get a backbone about this, I'll continue to have out-of-the-ordinary photos of intriguing Portlanders.

I like her grays and blacks, her layers, her beret, her shoulder bag, her shoes, and her exuberant stepping out walk. I took these photos last Wednesday on SE Hawthorne at 11th. It was after work, extremely windy and cold. I had been fooled by the sunshine into thinking it was warmer, so after I got outside, I had to put on my hat, my scarf and my gloves.

You can see the difference in the swing of her skirt, between this photo taken beside a building and the first one, taken as she crossed the street.


MissKris said...

Oh my...don't be afraid to ask if someone will pose for a photo! In my experience with doing that for my blog, the lady I asked was so flattered, especially when I told her it was going to be on my blog! It was an entry about one of my walks with Dylan, supposedly from Dylan's perspective when he was somewhere around 18 months old or so. She was out walking her little dogs and he loved them, so she happily posed with the pooches next to his stroller. The shot turned out really good! I think Portlanders, for the most part, are very friendly and cooperative people.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i'm sure they'll be flattered to know you want to feature them on your fashion blog. c'mon you can do it! :)