Saturday, November 20, 2010

The absence of color waits to board the 70 bus

I took this photo looking north at the intersection of NE Sandy, NE 12th and East Burnside. The 70 bus stop is on NE 12th. Perhaps someone is inside the bus at the door, about to step off. I say this because it appears the woman with the white hair hesitates, with her right knee bent, before stepping forward. She seems to be looking straight into the bus, too, which makes me think she sees someone moving towards the door. Or perhaps I just clicked at the split second that captured her beginning to move. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Maybe she has unexpectedly encountered a bold, male, stripper about to step off and into her arms. Now that would be a gorgeous photograph with the colorful leaves and all. But, since that probably wasn't going to happen we are stuck with a fabulous (I am all out of adjectives) picture.

Marcy said...

Yeah, it really is a fabulous photo. I think it's the poignant autumn colors and the impossibly blonde haired Cinderella about to step into her carriage to somewhere. I think the blonde hair and ordinary setting are what remind me of that French movie you're probably too young to remember, "The Umbrellas of Cherborg".