Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sunday evening, corner of SW Broadway and SW Washington, waiting for the 15

After an excellent, exciting, wonderful SYTYCD live show, we rode the MAX from the Rose Garden into downtown. Leslie got off at the Big Pink--her significant other works on the 30th floor at the Portland City Grill; we enjoyed Happy Hour there before we rode the MAX to the show--and I continued on to Pioneer Courthouse Square where I got off and walked to this corner. I can't count the number of times that I've waited here for the last bus home, the 15, after work, after volunteering, after watching the lighting of Portland's Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving, after walking downtown streets looking for those special sights to photograph.

Looking north at the same intersection. Where I wait is beside Pazzo Ristorante which you can see there on the right corner of the photo. Just out of sight to the right and around the corner on SW Washington, I wait in front of two huge windows which are in the bar section of the restaurant. There's an awning and lots of light at that particular spot, a perfect place to wait for a bus in the evening. The irony of how often I wait here rests on the 11th floor of the white and brick building on the left side of the photo--the one with the well-lighted exterior stairwell. That's the Benson Hotel, the place where Mama and I stayed for our first visit to Portland in 2004, from June 30 through July 9. We never had to turn on the air conditioner, never had to shut the windows AND there were not any screens. No bugs, no mosquitoes, no humidity. I mean I knew I wanted to move to Portland when we got off the airplane and onto the MAX for the ride to the Benson, but the fact that we didn't have to turn on the AC, that we didn't have screens, that we never saw a bug--wow! Totally sold me and planted the seed of moving here firmly in Mama's mind.

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Marcy said...

I love your photos!! We've never been to Portland. It looks great. I love the butt dance. Once again, great photos. We have lots of friends back east, too. No family, though. Unfortunately, most of them aren't computer people, so it's just telephone, and that makes it hard. I read your comment on Reluctant Optimist and thought when you said about being a widow, too, that you must be messaging me, and I'm happy you did. I love it here, too. We just moved in June, so I haven't seen what winter is like, yet. Yesterday I was listening to the radio and they said it would get down to 2 degrees tonight. I almost had a heart attack. Then I realized it was a Canadian Station and the temperature was in Celsius not Fahrenheit. I was so relieved. I guess in a new place, you don't know what to expect. My email is posted in my comment. I'd love to hear more from you. Sincerely Marcy