Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Autumn Lining the Streets

This is our street in the Alphabet District of Northwest Portland. Our building is on the right on the corner. That wall with the windows that you can see is across the side street. to the east of our building.

This is one street to the north of our street. In both photos I'm looking eastward.

A final photo for today's post, taken from the northern sidewalk on our street, looking through an opening caused by a space between an office building and an older house that now is a law office, and looking to the northern side of the street that is just north of ours. The tree on the right amazes me every time I have looked at the photo since I took it on October 23--the vivid color peeks out from the corner of the house wonderfully.

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Ken Mac said...

Beautiful shots. Lynette, thank you for your recent comment re my mom's passing. Heartfelt thanks and appreciation, very sweet of you.