Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cars in the Park: Italian Cars

Ferrari 430 Scuderia, one machine whose calmness at the curb surely belied its need for speed. I read on the Internet, zero to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 198 mph. I read on the Internet that it weighs just under 3000 lbs. and has a 4.3 liter V8 engine with 503 horsepower. I thought as I looked at it from every side, this car inhales asphalt at the hands of the woman who owns it. But where can she legally drive it, I immediately wondered, as it desires to be driven? I doubt I'll ever find out, but oh, how I would have loved to have heard that engine at least start up.



A look at the engine.


Gotta love that guy's grin!

A bit more from the Internet, from Edmunds dot com:

What Edmunds Says

If you want a race-ready Ferrari for the street (and really, who doesn't?), the 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia is where it's at. Just don't expect three pedals on the floor.


Wicked acceleration, otherworldly handling from lightweight chassis, closest thing to a racecar for the street that Ferrari sells.


Wallet-vaporizing price, conventional manual transmission unavailable, not ideal for the daily commute.

I couldn't find an exact cost easily, so I gave up looking when I saw almost $300,000!

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