Thursday, June 02, 2011

No. 4, May 16, 2011

Plenty of rain led to an open umbrella. It brought back memories of the 1970s for me, in that it reminded me of one that I had, though it did have white band around the border and a white plastic handle that curled upward at its end. I also had white, lace-up go-go boots and several outfits which incorporated hot pants. I was something else!

Some who have left comments have praised my photo manipulation skills. While I would love to take all the credit for making the changes I've been making in these photos, I'm here to tell you that anyone who subscribes to Picnik Premium will be able to do the same things, and way, way more, with their very own photos. It is a whole lotta fun!

Flickr, Picnik, Create, Effects, Gritty with the Darkness increased.

By the way, Tuesday night I was too give out, as we say back home in Jackson, Mississippi, to blog. I'd been on a date with Lamont and Leland--burgers and fries and Barq's Root Beer at Killer Burger, followed by the Shaw Brothers Studio 1982 Kung Fu film "Buddha's Palm" at the Hollywood Theatre, the first of their Kung Fu Theater offerings. You see, the three of us have a history with an earlier Kung Fu Theater, back when those two sons of mine were little boys. Saturdays back in Jackson some network or other broadcast a different movie each week, filled with whirling, swirling folks bent on mayhem and destruction. When I found out about the movie, I immediately e-mailed the guys right away. We just might make it to the next offering on June 28, "Shaolin vs Wu-Tang" because we had a fun night.

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