Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Festival of Flowers, Pioneer Courthouse Square, downtown Portland


From the Pioneer Courthouse Square Web site:
6/3 - 6/17
Festival of Flowers

This year’s design, You Are Here, created by local artist Bill Will, will encourage visitors to look beyond our own geographic borders with the installation of a colossal map of the world using more than 20,000 colorful potted flowers. The two-week display at the Square will culminate with the annual flower sale kicking off June 15th offering a wide variety of plants including salvia, impatiens, lobelia, begonias, vegetables, herbs, grasses and more starting at only $.83 a piece! (To view a rendering of this year's installation, see it below. I found it when I followed a link on their Web site.)

In partnership with Portland Mall Management, Inc., this year’s Festival of Flowers will also include two satellite displays along the Portland Transit Mall at Unico Plaza and the Congress Center. In addition to providing bright spots along the transit mall, these sites will also serve as backdrop to the weekly Monday on the Mall event series. For additional information on the free events and activities taking place along the transit mall every Monday visit

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*Honest Abe said...

That is a lot of work. I wonder what they do with the flowers when the show is over?

*Honest Abe said...

I think I fixed it another way so you might be able to see these pictures now.