Tuesday, November 01, 2011

#1, Blastolene Brothers--wildness on wheels--at Cars in the Park, Portland Art Museum, September 3, 2011

I found this one online, identified as The Decoliner. Randy's Vision: Flash Gordon's Motorhome! This 26' polished aluminum beauty features a flying bridge, complete with driving station and room for 5 passengers on the roof.

Oh, how I wish I could have seen the Blast-o-liner on the move! Not that I'm not happy to have seen this and several other Blastolene Brothers outlandishly wonderful vehicles. I couldn't resist using the Picnik special effect HDR-ish.

Another view of the Blast-o-liner, as I took it, no special effects so that you can see how it really looked.

Stairway to heaven? Yes, it is. If you're someone consumed with the desire to drive a vehicle from on high.

These convex windows fit perfect/y, don't you think? The Picnik special effect here is Orton-ish.

Looks like it ought to have wings to me.

I'm not sure how these two mirrors help with a side view if you're driving from on top of the Blast-o-Liner. Maybe since you're so high up, you've got great sight lines for safe driving. Speaking of sight lines, that's me in the hat reflected in the top mirror!

I know from looking at their Web site and the Works in Progress photos that there was a steering wheel originally on the lower level, where steering wheels usually are located. You can see from this photo that it is not there now, though.

It's just too cute!

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