Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Street-level matching accessories

Couldn't resist taking this photo after work last Friday. I got off the bus at the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge for the express purpose of photographing fall foliage. I walked south, then west on the bridge approach to take a few photos. As I traced my path back to the bus stop to catch one home, she popped up, a street-level matching accessory to Nature's paint brush. You see them, don't you? The red jacket, green bag, and rust-colored purse. They match the foliage, fall and otherwise.

I kept walking towards the corner, going the same direction she did, once the light changed. The view to the right. These cars are coming off the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge. More street-level matching accessories.

The view as I stopped for the traffic signal on the corner of SW 1st and Main. All except for the man's cigarette, it's a great photo. I thought about cloning it out at Picnik, but decided to just not take the time. I guess I could stretch and say that the sidewalk sign matches the fall foliage, but it's too wimpy-colored. I like how the green leaves beneath the autumn leaves accentuates the colors. Cool.

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this is Belgium said...

Autumn colors, exactly like my portrait of Chris which I posted today !