Monday, November 07, 2011

#1, Cyclocross at Alpenrose, Sunday, October 2, 2011

A friend of my sons' rides and carries her bicycle in cyclocross events. Lamont took me to see one on a recent cool, rainy, muddy afternoon. From the moment we turned into the paved road that led to the non-paved parking area, I knew we were at a major event. The place was packed with vehicles of all sorts. Finally we found a spot which Lamont assured me he would remember and walked to stand on a sidewalk in the middle of what must usually be a paved parking area beside the Alpenrose Velodrome. Lamont texted his friends so that we could find them so that we could watch together. I had my rain poncho on, my camera hanging around my neck beneath it. Ready. Set. Go.

We ended up waiting at an opening in the tape that delineated the race path until competitors had passed so that we could get a good view spot. I had a real good time. Here are a few favorite photos.

Here she comes, on the left riding the bike with the pink front fork.

There she goes, around a curve that quickly changes into a straight away on a steep slope.

This shot gives you a pretty good idea of the angle involved in this section of the race.

Lots of riders, men and women slid onto their left sides and then had to get up and walk their bikes on this slope. Other decided just before getting to the slope to hop off and carry their bikes.

She's up and about to walk until she can get on her bike again. I want to find out where that man in the black shirt got his copper-colored cowbell!

However, I do not want to find out where this man in black got his teensy black cowbell. The other man's reminds me of my cowbell-ringing days as an undergraduate at Mississippi State University. Love the sound of thousands of clanking, clanging cowbells on a Saturday afternoon. Love it!

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mcl said...

I love Cyclocross. It is very popular here in Portland, the hot bed in North America! This all started in Belgium several years back and is a growing sport. Last year the national championship was held in Bend.