Thursday, November 03, 2011

#3, Blastolene Brothers--wildness on wheels--at Cars in the Park, Portland Art Museum, September 3, 2011

I think this just might be the vehicle that I found on the Blastolene Brothers' Web site, listed as Michael's new 1942 Ranger v-12 airplane engine.

Needle nose, this photo ought to be in the dictionary by the definition of needle nose. And one has to wonder, just how long does it take to make some sort of adjustment to raise the chassis high enough for the vehicle to the correct clearance for travel on the streets? I am assuming that something like that has to happen before anyone ought to even start the engine.

A pair of bucket seats?

Looks to me like those buckets are in a wash tub.


I couldn't figure out why that blue cloth seems attached to the engine. And are those things with the yellow cables a distributors? Anyone? Anyone?

The brakes and the back tires. And what's that big silver shape to the left? For some reason I don't totally understand, I think it's the differential. Y'all who know, please tell me I'm right. Or tell me I'm wrong. Please and thank you.

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