Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Veterans Day Parade, 11/11/11, No. 5

37th Annual Ross Hollywood Veterans Day Parade

Vets on some sort of tracked vehicle. I certainly don't know for sure, but it looks like an Army tank of some sort to me. Does anyone know? I'll bet that little guy in the middle had a great time riding up there. Don't miss the driver. The concentration on his face is impressive.

The sign on this Jeep reads, "25th Infantry Division: Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, New Georgia, Luzon, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Bosnia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq."

This Jeep followed the tank. Definitely Army.

Here's the motorcyclist shaking hands with a vet in the Jeep.

One more vintage Army vehicle.

Is this a Jeep, too? Next to the tank, it's my favorite of these Army vehicles. Something about it just appeals to me.

I like the flags on this one.

Definitely some sort of truck. Troop carrier?

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Anonymous said...

The truck in the last picture carried everything from food rations to artillery shells and people of course.

The small tank is what it is. Used mostly in jungle warfare as it is small and was carried in considerable numbers in LSTs that run aground on purpose to open doors in front, the ramp comes down and the vehicles or soldiers came out. It would hold a lot of these small tanks.

The regular size tanks these days are just the "Abram's" tanks. Mechanical monsters loaded with the latest technologies. Aim the main gun on an Abrams and the software does the rest and the target is hit smack in the middle.

Cost several million dollars though.