Thursday, May 10, 2012

Constructing, on the bus

Concentrating_on_the_bus_BeFunky_7054002059_ee9b49618d_o Another sneaked photo. Who could resist such an eclectically garbed woman bent upon constructing a dandelion flower chain will traveling 30 miles per hour in a multi-ton vehicle? Not me.I took the photo and continued to watch. See her fingers? She's tying knots with the stems and trying to get the flowers to stay together, picking up, putting down, and rotating her construction, never looking up.

I did excel, however, at resisting offering to help her put a slit lengthwise in one flower's stem through which a another flower's stem could be threaded and tightened up to the blossom ... wait ... do I have that right? Has my memory deceived me? Where, oh, where are some picked dandelion flowers when one needs them? Not here in my apartment.

Wait! Who needs real dandelion flowers when you've got Google at your fingertips? How to make a flower chain? I Googled it! Step-by-step directions. There's even a well-done video, 1:32 in length. I especially liked the video because it mentioned using other flowers, among those clover flowers. Viola. I remember now! I made my flower chains with clover flowers because I never had daisies! Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

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Lois Evensen said...

What a fascinating outfit! Is that jewelry on her face?