Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Folks among the flowers, No. 6


While I can't be sure of it, I believe it was something he said that led to the joyous smile and throwing back of her head in full-tilt-boogie laughter which you see there on the face of the woman with her hand on the stroller. I mean the man in the bee hat, of course. See the next photo for what I consider a great big ol' clue.

The reason I think that is how he's acting here in the second photo which isn't very good, but after all, I did take it on the fly so to speak, from my seat in a shuttle which transported folks from their vehicles and/or around the tulip fields. You do see his bunny ears, the man in the bee hat, right? Do you think he could have said something that made that woman laugh out loud?

 And how about the couple in what I would call Dutch costumes? Cool sight to see, there among the tulips.

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Lois Evensen said...

Watching the "people behavior" is as much fun as seeing the beautiful tulips.