Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The first, and only, corner building I've entered in all of Portland


I took this photo on my walk to work September, 29, 2011. This is the only wedge-shaped corner building which I've been inside in all of Portland. I have eaten lunch at here with my two sons, Lamont and Leland, on several occasions. Click here to see the menu at Michael’s Italian Beef and Sausage Co. It's an interesting menu, filled with selections and guidelines for ordering and a tidbit at the very bottom which I do not believe that I have ever seen on a menu--"menu prices reflect cash discount." Have you seen that on a menu? I'm quite curious to find out if you have and where you saw it.


If you've arrived in an automobile, you park right there behind the building. If you work nearby, you can just walk on over. Since my building is a mile away, we ride in Lamont's car. No matter how you get to this street corner building, you enter the building beneath the black awning above the sidewalk (as seen in the top photo) and get in line to the right of the door (seen in this photo). By the way, I took this photo and the rest of those below on April 14, 2011.


While you wait your turn to order from one of the folks behind the counter, you can pick up a menu and make up your mind what sort of meat or meats you want on your sandwich, whether or not you want it wet or dry (juice spooned on or not), what sort of peppers and/or onions you want. I get a dry half Chicago Style Combo--sausage and beef on Italian bread with sauteed onions only, no peppers for me. With my sons, I share an order of fries which Michael's calls Shoestring Potatoes, fried in 100% Canola oil--we share two orders, actually. And I get a Barq's Root Beer. I can't remember for sure what the guys get to eat, but they like it.

Once we place our orders, all in the name of either Lamont or Leland, we walk towards the other end of the building, the wider end, and find a seat at a table. From that spot I noticed the meat-inspired decor hanging over the counter. Love the cleaver, the knives, the pincher, the machete and that giant axe-thingey. Way cool!


Once the order is ready, whichever son's name is called goes to get the tray of food. One son already had picked up his sandwich from the tray--seems like it was Lamont and he had a meatball sandwich--the photo I took of it is not any good, but he said the sandwich was very good.

Then we chow down! This is my lunch!

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Lois Evensen said...

Interesting building. My daughter owns a corner triangle building that she uses for her CPA practice. It was originally a meat store then had several other uses, but makes a very interesting professional practice building.