Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama makes her daily protein drink, even on vacation

It's great to remember my Mama on Mother's Day. This is the second one without her here with us, but we're doing as well as can be expected. Since 1978 Mama and Daddy, and anyone else she could wise up to the benefits, partook of Shaklee protein drinks, vitamins and minerals, as well as lotions, creams, make-up, laundry and cleaning products. We were, and are, the better for all of it.

Here, in honor of Mother's Day and my little Mama, I give you a series of photos I took which depict the process Mama used to make her daily morning Shaklee protein drink. We're on vacation at the Ester Lee in Lincoln City, Oregon. Our friend Lucy had come from Mississippi to visit, so I took a couple of days off work so that we could go to the beach. Well, not exactly to the beach, but to where we could see the ocean and also go to the Chinook Winds Casino to play the penny machines. The three of us had a blast!

After pouring in the requisite amount of milk and scooping in just the right amount of Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein, Natural Vanilla, Mama liked to add several firm, lengthy squirts of Hershey's Chocolate syrup.
  protein2 _get_that_lid_on_the_blender

Next, after setting the blender jar into the base, Mama took great care with the lid. She'd found out the hard way that the lack of a properly, tightly inserted lid meant, at the least, a spray here and there of milky liquid permeated with protein powder. A mess, in other words. Mama did not suffer messes gladly, even her own.

One more all important step prior to pushing the first button, checking the seat of the jar in the base. A blender jar spinning out of control more than likely would lead to a mess. Plus, who wanted to waste those ingredients? Not my Mama.

Now for the button she always pushed first--a quick mix of the dry ingredients with the milk came about when she held her finger on the last button on the right--the Ice Crush button.

Mama's searching for the Liquify button. In the scheme of things, one would not want to push an incorrect button. After all, it's a process with specific steps to be followed. One wants the same drink, day after day, because one realizes the benefits of said drink.

Once she had found the button, Mama held her finger on it and looked up at me to ask, "Why are you taking pictures of me doing this?" to which I replied, "I think it's great how precise you are, Mama, and I want to record it for all time!" Naturally, we laughed a lot, as did our friend Lucy.

Of all the photos in this series, this is my favorite. There's my little Mama, smiling at me, as she takes great care with her every morning habit which certainly enhanced her health over the years.

I don't have a photo of her pouring the drink from the blender jar into her glass, nor do I have one of the first taste of the morning. But I do have this one which I like a whole lot because she looks settled and satisfied, certain that she's doing well for herself. Which, of course, meant she was doing well for all of us who loved her. Thanks, Mama!

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