Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Pondering, seen TriMet

Altered at BeFunky dot com, sharpened and underpainted.
  Bus_ladies_sharpened_underpainted_BeFunky_Underpainting_1Picture this. I'm sitting on the bus when across the aisle I see these two women, looking similar in visage and clothing, with a good 40 years' difference in their ages. Whatever could they be pondering? Oh, I want to take a picture so bad! Should I chance it? Yes! I pretend that I'm just looking at my iPhone and take one photo.

Altered at BeFunky dot come, enhanced detail and HDR. Bus_ladies_enhanced_detail_HDR_BeFunky_HDR_1

What's your favorite part of which photo, please? For me, it's the lady on the right's cheek in the top photo. I love the impact of the BeFunky dot come special effect underpainting.

The unaltered photo shall remain unposted.

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