Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mother's Day Mini-Vacation, No.11 - My sons at The Writer's Retreat

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Friday, right after we arrived and brought everything inside, the guys sat down for a while. They're such good sports, posing for photos for me! Soon, our discussion of where to eat supper started. Didn't we have a great room to house our discussion? By the way, you can see the brown wooden edge of the desk in the lower right corner of this photo. Lamont slept on the floor between behind the desk, right in the corner, in his sleeping bag atop the air-filled pad he uses with it.

Saturday morning found Leland reading the book he had brought with him. He slept on this couch.


Lamont woke up a little later and joined in the early Saturday morning reading session with a magazine he found on the coffee table. Later on that day after we'd been out and about in the Zipcar and had returned to the loft for a rest, I read from David Lamb's "A Sense of Place: Listening to Americans." The guys watched TV for a while in the bedroom, stretched out on the bed--there was only the one TV in the loft. I knew that if I stretched out on the bed I would soon be asleep.

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