Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day Mini-Vacation, No.7 - one more sight in Madras, seen from our Zipcar

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Trailer parks and their signs appeal to me. I grew up in house trailers, going from town to town, trailer park to trailer park. My Daddy's job for the Marley Cooling Tower Company meant we moved on average every three months or less, for a period of seven and a half years. By the time we settled in my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, we'd lived in places from Belle Glade, Florida; to Wilmington, Delaware; to Luverne, Minnesota; to Fort Stockton, Texas, and all sorts of places in between. I have memories, but I'm not sure where we were living or how old I was in them, but I do know that when I was going on 11 years old, we finally lived in a house.

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