Sunday, August 06, 2006

Here's the last piece on the living room interior wall

This nice shelf/cabinet storage unit we found over on Hawthorne at The House, one of several used furniture stores we visited while we still had the UHaul to haul furniture in. Although we arrived with something to sit on, eat at, and sleep on, we had nothing to store stuff in in any room in our 700-square-foot apartment.

There's a close up that shows my "Get the Juice, Get the Blues" better--those eyes are painted on cardboard egg cartons I cut and glued to the frame. The purple cat and brown dog are more MSH patient art from Serendipity. I hovered over those two also, bound and determined to take the little cuties home with me. Behind them is a wooden, hand-made map of the United States that I found at a junk store in Jackson years ago. The lamp we got on Hawthorne at Lounge Lizard, a place chuck-ful of neat stuff, lots of it mid-century, most of it affordable. (Truth be told, I need to stay out of those stores because the stuff is just altogether too tempting.)

That black and white photo of my husband LeRoy was taken back in 1973. He worked the sound for a friend who performed folk music. Her husband took this great photo that shows his beautiful long hair. I'm so glad that I still have this photo of him. I wish you could see him better.

And I've got his pony tail, too. LeRoy had decided to get his hair cut off because it was so hot on him in his construction job in Kansas City, Mo. Lots of the time, he worked with a jackhammer, breaking up concrete bridges; the resulting concrete dust coated his clothes, his hair, his mustache (he grew a full beard later on). That summer of '73 he'd had it with long hair. Some other union, not his laborers' union, called a wild cat strike and put up a picket line. Not being one to cross a picket line, he called me and asked if I'd check with Fred about cutting it for him. I called, set up the appointment, called LeRoy back to tell him the info, then promptly called Fred again and asked him to keep the pony tail for me.

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Darren said...

That's a great-lookin' shelf, Lynette. Very colorful!