Monday, August 07, 2006

We like our front wall and window

This is to your right after you walk into the apartment. Right here is where we started hanging things on our walls. We knew we needed to start small to see if we'd make good decisions about what to put where. Mama says that she's getting used to see more than one big piece right in the middle of the wall; I think that's so great of her. It's been years since I've had walls to hang stuff on, so this is a real treat for me. It's the first time I've ever had my photos up all over the place, too. All I've been able to do previously was look at them in albums and sell them at Fondren Corner, a fact that I still find difficult to believe. Knowing that people like my photographs and want to have them in their homes makes me feel good.

The beautiful pewter cross, from my librarian buddy/mentor Eve, and Mama's plastic-canvas-perpetual-calendar went up first in the little space between the door facing and the big window, followed by a couple of the smaller things. Next came the Dr. Bob "Be Nice or Leave," a going away gift from my four librarian buddies, Anne, Cheryl, Sherry and Nancey--together we went through, survived, endured and completed the National Board certification process for librarian media specialists, so we're what you call tight.

My Daddy whittled the other cross, beneath the pewter one. Actually, it's not the usual sort of whittlin' that Daddy did to make flowers. He peeled back strip after strip from little limbs, making them curl into petals, eventually creating wooden flowers. For the cross, he used red food coloring to stain it where the nails pierced Jesus.

Below the Dr. Bob is one of my Jimmy Pitts' pieces from The Attic Gallery in Vicksburg. I absolutely love that guy's way with words, his ironic sense of humor or view of the world or whatever it is that causes him to create the plethora of art that I looked through before settling on several I could not pass up. I also like that not only does he create on the sheets of watercolor paper in the tablet, but he also uses the back cover! A man after my own heart!

The green chair goes with the striped couch (thanks to Cheryl), and its mate sits across the rug from this one(my friend Jean gave us three terrific rugs that serve us well on our hardwood floors). Behind this chair is a great table that fit the space just right, the space between the TV on the old-time-brass-record-player-rolling table and the doorway. Leland and I found that perfect-fit at Home Ec, over on Hawthorne, another one of those great stores that I need to stay out of now that we're pretty well situated furniture- and accessory-wise. I used to have the glass display cabinet in my booth at the Antique Mall in Ridgeland. I've even got some MSH patient art in there, two glazed pottery busts of mustached and bearded men, one white, one black--more objects of my hover-until-you-when silent auction technique.

I took this phot on one of our July triple-digit days, hence the fan on the footstool, pointed at Mama who is off-camera. That's my good lookin' husband in the uniform picture you can barely see, wearing his Air Force dress uniform. And you can see our fabulous floor lamp we found at The House. We'd gone over there looking for a swag lamp to go over our dining table (you'll see it later), so this one came as a completely lovely surprise. Every part of the lamp is in great shape, from the finish to the springs inside the rod that makes it fit tightly on the floor and the ceiling. From either inside or outside, the lamps lends stylish and warm light to our living room.

Hey, gotta go get my beauty sleep now that I'm a workin' gal again! Almost two weeks on the job already.

Stay-tuned, OK?

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