Saturday, August 05, 2006

You've made--here's the front door.

You can see our covered stoop, the few steps up to the front door, a couple more wind chimes, our front door and the rather large front window we are blessed to have. Our mailman drops our mail through that little black rectangle beneath the smaller white one, just to the right of the door. I cannot believe it that we're living in an apartment with a mail slot! It feels like we're in a movie.

No part of this big window opens, but we can raise the blinds all the way to the top for a great view of our big tree out front and the street. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of people walking on the sidewalks and cars coming and going, parking along the sidewalk. We keep the front door open all of the time that we're up and about, so we hear snippets of conversation, too.

This apartment complex, built in 1941, has no parking lot. Only once since we moved in on June 13 have I had to circle the block three or four times to find a decent parking place; usually it only takes a pass or two. Finding a decent parking space can be a problem, but the parking space gods have been with us. People park their cars going any which way they want on each side of the street without getting parking tickets because their cars are parked against the traffic flow. I do that now myself. You know, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. It beats the hell out of circling and missing the parking place.

One of the popular places on Division is La Nuestra Cocina, a delicious Mexican restaurant that we cannot afford to visit too often, darn it. Across the street from it is the Red & Black Cafe; we've not been there yet. It's not the least bit surprising, in fact it's more like expected, to find two (or more) eateries in such close proximity here in the Southeast of Portland. Mama and I marvel over that fact on a regular basis.

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