Monday, August 14, 2006

We interrupt the info about Casey in PDX for a movie trailer of sorts

Thursday at work we got an e-mail telling us that Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear would be a few blocks up Hawthorne filming a movie, at the Lucky Labrador Pub. The reason we got the e-mail was that some of the production trucks would be using the top floor of the parking garage. Anyway, I thought I'd just mosey up Hawthorne at my breaks and at lunch so I could check it all out.

Friday morning I saw someone with the look at a production assistant and headset attached to her head standing on the corner across from my bus stop. It looked to me like she was gathering extras, so as I made my way around the block (I walk about 20 minutes every morning before I go into the building) I asked the woman if they'd be on the street all day. She assured me, darn it, that they'd be inside the whole time! I still looked, to no avail. I even walked six blocks down and back at lunch--to Burgerville because I left my peanut butter sandwich on the kitchen counter!--so that I could walk right by the pub, just in case Morgan Freeman happened to step out the door. He's the one I really wanted to see. To no avail.

The crew sign is on a pole across the street from the Burger King at Grand and Sixth. Lots of mornings I walk over there to get myself a senior Coca Cola, for $.50. The other photo, taken from inside the Harold, the #10 bus, is of one of the equipment trucks out in front of the pub. That's all I saw. Not much, huh?

Just to keep you in an appreciative mode, I've included a photo of a bunch of dahlias one of my co-worker brought to work. She's a big fan of these colorful and sturdy blossoms. Aren't the lovely?

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