Sunday, August 12, 2007

As the sun sets in the west and reflects in the east, Mama and I get ready for Scrabble!

Here's the sunset, from Mama's bedroom windows ...

Here's the same sunset, from our living room windows, and reflected on Portland's Big Pink--looks more like a fire tower in this shot.

I took these two pictures quickly in order to at least capture the essence of the sunset.

We played two games and watched "Grease" at the same time. Mama won both games, which is not unusual. Not that John Travolta wasn't a distraction!

Speaking of Travolta, who among you has seen "Hairspray"? Remember, I recommended it to y'all back on July 24? I'd like to see it again already. And I hope that Adam Shankman, director and choreographer of "Hairspray," choreographs a group dance number for the "So You Think You Can Dance" tour. Mama and I got tickets for Nov. 27 when it comes to Portland!!!!!


casey said...

dang that is so pretty

Lynette said...

Thank you, Caseydeeah!