Friday, August 24, 2007

What I saw while I waited for or on the bus, after "Spamalot"

Remember the mannequin from a few weeks ago? Here's her store, empty, at SW 3rd and Washington across the street from where I waited for the No. 15. See the streetlight from the corner, reflected on the wall?

Two blocks west, the driver took his 15-minute break in a pull-out space across from Kelly's Olympian. For me, it's an enticing bit of neon heaven.

I also like this motorcycle, one of several parked at the sidewalk. Perhaps it appealed to me because I believe its paint job reminds me of one from the '70s, back in Kansas City. I wonder if my memory is correct?

Yes, I lugged my camera into the Keller Auditorium, stuffed down in my bag among my library book, coin purse, credit card wallet, empty plastic tea jug, empty Gladware sandwich container, sweater, my emergency sunglasses in an unbreakable eyeglass case, and little silver-colored zipper bag of essential junk. What I wouldn't have given to be at the Broadway show with a press photographer pass!

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