Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ABC Wednesday - M is for Mound, Mounted, and Massive

The last street-level mound of dirt in the excavation of the First and Main building's future home. I took this photo last Friday after work.
When I rode the bus by on the way to work Tuesday morning, I could tell that the mound no longer reached the top of the steel inserted into the ground, the steel that made the walls to hold the shape of the excavation. I noticed this because a welder's sparks, situated right where the dirt had been on Friday, caught my eye. I immediately thought, "They're welding parts of that steel together, parts that had been covered with dirt until now." So after work I stopped to get another look. Imagine my shock when I saw this piece of heavy equipment sitting there, appearing for all the world to be mounted on top of the narrow steel wall. In looking closely, I believe I see a sort of steel shelf beneath the treads.
The excavation of an entire city block for a 15-story building is makes for a massive hole in the ground.

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