Friday, April 18, 2008

The rest of our Byways Cafe visit last Saturday

I believe this is a well-designed sign. The You Are Here dot is a fun idea.
We sat at a table beside the front window, next to the end of the counter. Mama enjoyed a cup of Stumptown Coffee while we looked at the menu. Since we had arrived less than two hours before their 2 p.m. Saturday closing time, Byways had already sold out of biscuits and blue corn pancakes. We ordered buttermilk pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs.
Mama's breakfast
My breakfast--I forgot to take the photo before I had eaten some of it. Both of us were totally pleased with our food, every bit of it.
Memorabilia from most all of the states hangs from the ceiling and on the walls, as well as fills display cases and shelves. It wasn't hard for me to find these two special items.

At some point, we plan to ride the bus to Byways Cafe and get there early enough to try the biscuits. I hope it will be warm enough so that we can sit at the picnic table on the sidewalk. We'll have to wait, but we know it will be worth it. Until then, we'll enjoy our last look at the cafe as we walked to the Buick.

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Blue said...

Your place, food & Mom look wonderful.
Won't to come for supper & a hug, no greater praise can I give you.