Sunday, April 27, 2008

A wonderful evening in Portland

Pat and Mike, our friends from California, came to town for a few days. We picked them up at their hotel so that we could go to 3 Doors Down Cafe for dinner.
Appetizer: Cippolini onions, spring peas, baby carrots, braised hamhock
Entree: Orecchiette with sherry braised ground lamb ragu, green beans, eggplant & mint
Entree: Prawns, basil and English pea risotto
Pat and Mike had the meatballs and bucatini, seen here when I posted about their selection as Portland's Best Meatballs by Portland Monthly magazine.
Mama, Pat and Mike kindly posed on a bench outside the cafe so that I could get a photo. Lamont came to our table for a short visit before the kitchen got busy. And his girlfriend Lindsay came to the restaurant for a few moments, too. It was a wonderful evening filled with good conversation and good food that made for great memories. Pat and Mike are the parents of our dear friend Danielle who hopes to come to visit us later this summer while she's in Portland in connection with her college studies. We are blessed.

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Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Nice photo, Lynette. Your Mama looks great! Sounds you all had a wonderful time!