Monday, April 21, 2008

Beauty, wide and close

I have walked by this tall flowering shrub for two springtimes now, on my way to the morning bus or at the beginning of my walk to the second bus, a little over a mile away. I think it's a camellia, but I'm not certain. I do know for sure that it is beautiful and difficult to photograph because the flowers are so white and the leaves are so green.


Amy (Sharon's daughter) said...

These are so NEAT! :) Beautiful pictures! Thank you! Amy (Sharon's daughter)

honesty said...

Your stories and photos are a comforting documentary of love and life. Your love for your family, family "doings", your adorable dog in his little bag riding the bus. He looks so business-like on his venture. I love what you notice and choose to share, your sense of humor. Flat Stanley!

When I am lonely (my kids are grown now) and husband is traveling, I go to your blog and look it over again. Your mom is who I'd choose to be my mom. I love the foods you cook at home. You and your mom know how to live life and enjoy it. I enjoy your lives too. Thanks so much. Don't skip a day without pics and a little story! More of doggie trips in the little bag, ha. (I'm 58, so I'm a boomer too.)LJ

Lynette said...

Amy (Sharon's daughter) I'm glad you like these photos.

Honesty, your heartfelt comment is wonderful. Mama, Duncan, and I are glad that we can share what we enjoy with folks we know and those who happen on our blog. Come back and see us any time!