Sunday, April 20, 2008

Signs of confusion?

Do Not Enter. No Left Turn. One Way. Left Lane Must Turn Left.

I took this photo while stopped for the traffic signal at SW 10th and West Burnside. Since I didn't plan to turn left onto Burnside, I was in the center lane when I noticed these signs.

Whoa, I thought, these signs could be confusing, unless you know this intersection's quirks. West Burnside is a two-way street, running east and west. SW 10th is one-way, northbound. Coming off West Burnside, going east and to the left of all of these signs, about 50 feet from the traffic signal and at a sharp angle to West Burnside, is SW Oak, a one-way street. Hence, the Do Not Enter and No Left Turn signs followed by the Left Lane Must Turn Left. In other words, do not enter SW Oak here by turning left. However, if you're in the left-most lane on SW 10th, you have to turn left onto West Burnside.

Still confused? You can see this pretty good on Google Maps, but I couldn't get the link to work very well. Put in this and click Search Maps: 1005 W. Burnside Portland Oregon.

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