Saturday, March 26, 2011

The gray pole and the girl on the bike

Her left hand disappears just beyond the gray pole. She's pushing the button to make the traffic signal change on NE Sandy so that she can ride her bike north across the street. I like the perspective here, the disappearing sidewalk and the rooftops that extend over the sidewalk. The pole supports the traffic signal for vehicles heading south at the intersection.

Looking at this photo, it's difficult to believe that NE Sandy is a four lane thoroughfare. I took it on Sunday, March 6, when I was out for a walk. It started to mist right after I took this one, so I hurried on home.


Honest Abe Lincoln said...

There is an unprotected bombshell in your photograph as well as the girl in the bike. I am flabbergasted the city has not protected the natural gas main from being run into and broken off, erupting in a giant explosion of never ending flames.

On the left and this side of the 55 gallon drum.

Christine H. said...

Abe is right. I didn't notice that, but once I read his comment I had to go back and look. there's a dumpster near it, so presumable big garbage trucks back up there. ANYWAY...that is now what struck me first. What struck me is the initials DTW on the newspaper box. This tagger has his @#$%! initials sprayed all over my neighborhood too and I'm a number of miles away from where this picture was taken. I'd like to get my hands on him.
I hope you don't mind that both of these comments have gone off on tangents.

Christine H. said...

I guess I should proofread my comments before posting.
Here are the corrections:
not (as in: that was "not" what struck me...)