Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The MAX Yellow Line that I missed because ...

... a woman in line in front of me at Will Call (where I went to pick up a prescription refill) had not called ahead and asked one question after another for I don't know how many minutes! Once I had my refill, I looked at the iPhone app PDXBus and saw that the next train was due in two minutes--yep, you can get arrivals for the bus, the Portland Streetcar, the MAX, and the WES Commuter Line which is way far away from where I ever go. I knew I'd never make it, never. So I just walked out towards the station with my camera ready. Thank goodness! Serendipity strikes again. Look at the red hand on the crosswalk, shining through the windows on the MAX car! I guess I owe that inefficient woman a high five. Recognize the tree in the background? Look at this link to learn more about it—the one that looks like a person holding his/her arms out. To help you find it, it's in between the red spot and the white spot on the grass, to the right of the train car.

Here's the first shot I took when I got to the crosswalk. The train I wanted is on the right. The other one is also a Yellow Line train, heading north. I needed to go south into downtown where I would transfer to a bus to head on home. So I walked up the sidewalk, crossed at the next crosswalk and sat down to wait. If you look at Tuesday's post, you'll see what I did while I waited for the train.

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