Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look where I got to go on St. Patrick's Day! Tip-off and First Quarter

Go, LaMarcus Aldridge! Go, Blazers!

I always want LaMarcus right here, in the driver's seat.

What happens in a split second totally amazes me. Somehow--I think they're born knowing how--LaMarcus knows exactly when to pivot and shoot. He's just about there in this shot.

LaMarcus shoots! To tell you the truth, I cannot remember if it went in or not. So much happened so quickly, and I am just glad that I got this shot. Who would have ever dreamed that he had jumped up enough to cause his uniform shorts to blossom like that on his way down? Love that serendipity!

I adore Andre Miller; he's a skilled, determined competitor. Here he's certain of his shot--you can just see the ball in the net, there at the bottom rim of the backboard.

Andre's on the way! He'll either shoot or pass--there's very little that the other team can do about him.

Rudy Fernandez ran off the court after the ball. It took him a few seconds to get turned around and headed back the other way. It also took that man in the corner whose head you cannot see--just his blue-jeaned legs and left arm are visible--a few more seconds to get upright again. Seems like the man in the black shirt is about to help him.

Rudy for three!

I know that three-pointer was good! Rudy flashes the three goggles!

End of the first quarter, Blazers 37, Cavaliers 12.

Tomorrow, the second quarter.


Honest Abe Lincoln said...

Looks like a good game to photograph.

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