Thursday, March 31, 2011

Look where I got to go on St. Patrick's Day! Third Quarter

Pre-second-quarter torture. That's six-foot-eleven-inch Marcus Camby continuing to be the human pretzel.

LaMarcus dunks!

These white things make a lot more noise than you'd think they would. I wonder if they really distract the guy at the free throw line?

Gerald blocks the ball.

Nic goes around the Cavalier. He passed the ball a second later.

Six-foot-five-ince Wesley Matthews drives. Did he pass it to the ever-ready-and-waiting Andre Miller, there on the baseline? Or did he shoot? He shot, but that photo's too blurry. It didn't go in and stay in, drat it.

Gerald takes the charge for the Blazers. See him there on the far left?

Gerald went to the floor. How they do this and jump right up and keep on playing, I'll never understand.

Time out in the third quarter. Time for on-court entertainment! Break dancing, if I remember right.

Score at the end of the third quarter, Blazers 89, Cavaliers 45.

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