Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hollywood Theatre, No. 3


A surprise addition, atop the marquee and barely visible to me as I sat on a bench in front of the theater, waiting for a friend so that we could go see "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel." I've looked at a whole lot of other photos I've taken over the years of this marquee--the owl is not in any of them.

Whose eyes scare you the most? The one visible owl eye, all golden and huge? Or the deep-set, wide-opened eyes of that slightly smiling man's face behind the owl? Maybe it's the other man, in the blue circle with the with rim? He looks like he's been goosed by something--maybe the owl's sharp beak got to him before it "landed" on the edge.

The owl must be there to scare birds from landing on the edge of the marquee. However, even pre-owl, I cannot remember seeing evidence of birds on the marquee or on the sidewalk in front of the theater. What amazes me is that the small owl can be noticed by birds, considering the myriad details included in the colorful and ornate tower above the marquee. (More photos of it to come.)

I read online at the Oregon Historical Society's Web site, The Oregon History Project:
"The Hollywood was designed by the architectural firm of Bennes & Herzog of Portland. The style has been described as “Byzantine,” but is better characterized as Spanish Colonial Revival. It was constructed of poured concrete, but the entrance was topped by an elaborate tower of polychrome (colored) terra cotta with arched niches flanked by turned pillars. The two-story street side of the theater was capped by roof tiles that carried out the Spanish Colonial theme. Most theaters of this size were located in downtown areas, but the Hollywood was sited in a neighborhood shopping district that was well served by both streetcar and automobile."

It is very easy for me to get to the Hollywood on the 12 bus--it's just 20 blocks away from my street.

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Lois Evensen said...

How ornate and beautiful!