Sunday, October 14, 2012

Open House, Provvista Specialty Foods, Part Three

Read about Provvista Specialty Foods here.

My sons Lamont and Leland work at Provvista and are in photos on Open House, Part One.


Here's a shot taken in the sunny parking lot. You can just about feel the warmth. Personally, I love Provvista's logo which you can see part of on these two trucks parked in the company lot. My two sons were born in Kansas, the Sunflower State, and now they work for a company with a sunflower logo!

Central Milling, Premium Flour & Grains - Est. 1867. A busy table. Country of Origin: USA-Utah.

La Querica's table is busy, too. Country of Origin: USA-Iowa. They produce artisan cured meats or salumi — prosciutto, pancetta, coppa, speck, lonza, guanciale, and lardo.

One of my favorite tunas comes from Sacred Sea Wild Albacore Gourmet Fillets. Country of Origin: USA-Oregon. It's not packed in oil but in it's natural juices. Yummy. The lady, who had drained the natural juices and placed the flaky tuna in those little cups for us to be able to enjoy it, said that her father was out catching tuna, so she came to the open house in his place.

Look at these meats from Framani. The man's apron says Traditional Italian Salumi, but on the Provvista Web site, the Country of Origin: USA-California.

More meats, this time from Olympic Provisions. Country of Origin: USA-Oregon. I've bought some of their goodies at the Farmer's Market and have been to their restaurant in the restaurant in Southeast Portland.

Mama Lil's--spicy, tasty, hot and wonderful. Country of Origin: USA-Washington. I tried for the first time the Bread and Butter Pickles, Spicy. So fine. So hot. I already knew that I loved the Peppers Pickled in Oil, although I don't know if I've had the Mild Spicy or the Hot. I'm guessing the Mild Spicy.

Steadily filling sample plates, Morena from Calabro Cheese. Country of Origin: USA-Connecticut.

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