Friday, October 26, 2012

What results when an upper arm collides with a No Parking/Bus Goes Here sign?


I know that on Tuesday, October 16, as I trotted across the street to catch the homeward bound bus, I made a mistake.

I took this photo on Thursday as I waited to catch the bus at that same intersection.

Yes, I am the woman who solidly collided with the edge of the then upright sign. It happened as I attempted to hop up onto the curb so that I could walk a few feet to the bus. My left upper arm hit the edge of the sign so hard that I bounced right back onto the street, staying on my feet just fine. I adjusted my direction a little to the right, and then hopped onto the curb and walked to the waiting bus.

All of this had happened in full view of the bus driver, who asked as I stepped through the door, "Are you OK?" to which I replied, "Yes." Then I turned toward him so that he could see my upper arm straight on and asked, "Is there a hole in my sleeve?" "No," he replied. "Then I know that I'm OK. Thanks!" I said.

Just before we pulled away from the curb, I looked out the windshield and noticed that the top of the sign tilted to the right about 10 degrees, but I couldn't imagine that my running into it had caused that to happen; I vividly remembered feeling the length of the sign's edge when I hit it with my upper arm. However, after seeing what you see in the photo on Thursday, just two days after I had run into the sign, it appears that my hitting it so hard must have loosened the connection. I'll never know for sure.

Needless to say, I still have a bruise, but all of the soreness is gone. And, thankfully, on Wednesday, the company nurse managed quite professionally to give me my flu shot well away from the impact site.

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