Monday, October 08, 2012

Open House, Provvista Specialty Foods, Part One

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Here's Leland, my younger son, on the right, who is working with Chris at a table filled with various products available at Provvista. The Taza Organic Stone Ground Chocolate tasted so good, especially the Mexicano Salted Almond--I had several small bites over the course of the three and one half hours I was there. Also tasty on this particular table, the Luxardo Italian Maraschino Cherries.

Here's Lamont, my older son, who is standing outside the company's kitchen where he cooks lunch each day for the employees. At the Open House, he kept up with the needs of the various vendors for all sorts of necessary items for their displays, including those pieces of bread in the bowls on the table in front of him.

Leland on the left and Nick on the right. Nick is the Provvista employee who delivered one time years ago to 3 Doors Down Cafe when Lamont was at work there, with owner chef Dave. For a few seconds, both of them thought that Leland had come through the door with the delivery, there was that much of a resemblance. Today when I arrived, I found Lamont in the kitchen and this young man was there picking up things to take out into the warehouse. I immediately asked Lamont, "Is that the guy who reminds people of Leland?" Of course, the answer was yes.

Todd, Lee and AJ, all Provvista employees, at another table filled with items which end up being bought by restaurants and grocery stores in the Portland area and other parts of the USA.

Dave, 3 Doors Down Cafe chef owner, and Andy, Provvista and who was sous chef at 3 Doors Down Cafe in the past.

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