Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hollywood Theatre, No. 5


Looking west at the Hollywood Theatre in a photo that I took on September 30, 2012. Now you can see the apartment building standing on what was a vacant lot, seen in yesterday's post. I can tell you that the view when you're eastbound on NE Sandy Blvd. is no longer what it was in yesterday's post.

See the lights on the left side of the Hollywood Theatre building? They are in the ladies restroom--it has a small vestibule or lobby or seating area, I'm not sure what to call it. I'm pretty sure it's original to the building which has been turned into a theater with three screens, one big one downstairs and two smaller ones upstairs. Despite that yellow insulation showing on the apartment building, I like how this photo turned out.

Here's an article about the plans for the building, from the Portland Mercury, May 2, 2011. And here's another article from the Daily Journal of Commerce, December 5, 2011, about the beginning of the building project. It remains to be seen what sort of business will be on the first floor of the apartment building. It would be cool if it were a good restaurant.

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