Thursday, October 11, 2012

Open House, Provvista Specialty Foods, Part Two

Read about Provvista Specialty Foods here.

My sons Lamont and Leland work at Provvista and are in photos on Open House, Part One.


Provvista employee Robin looks to his right, listening to a woman out of the photo, as he works at a table filled with all sorts of cans and bottles. Looks like peppers and tomatoes galore, arborio rice, bottles of olive oil? and boxes of something else that I cannot see the names of in this photo. Whatever is on the table holds the interest of those two people.

Provvista employee Terry enjoyed talking about cheese with folks who stopped at this table last Sunday. Some of these, as well as others on the tables in the distance, were sheep or goat cheese--I enjoyed bites of quite a few of them. My favorite cheese is at the table where the girl in the white apron stands. I can't ever remember the name of that cheese, but I know the label when I see it! I always have to ask Lamont or Leland what its called. It's from Italy, I think.

Later on I sat with Terry at a table over where the pizza and paella cooks prepared those tasty treats for anyone who stepped up and asked for a slice or a dish. I think both cooking stations were set up especially for the Open House.

Pizza cook slicing away as the fire continues to heat the pizza oven. I ate a couple of slices with kale and some sort of cheese on them--very tasty.

A guy hard at work from Crown Paella, paella and tapas for hire, Portland, Oregon. Our friend from Seattle, Pat, stopped by the Open House on her way home after a several-days-long yoga workshop in Beaverton. She enjoyed a dish of paella, as well as bits and pieces from lots of the display tables throughout the warehouse.

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