Monday, October 15, 2012

Open House, Provvista Specialty Foods, Part Four

Read about Provvista Specialty Foods here.

My sons Lamont and Leland work at Provvista and are in photos on Open House, Part One.

You can see the rest of the photos that I took at Open House, Part Three and Open House, Part Two. Lots of good food to see!


So, if I've Googled correctly, this is San Giacomo's table. Country of Origin: Italy-Emilia Romagna. I found that they make balsamics vinegars, one of which I read is considered the best of the best. I think that's it in the presentation boxes.

Ortiz, delicious tuna in olive oil--I already knew just how great it tastes, so that's what I tried. Country of Origin: Spain-Basque Country. It really worked well that Mr. Ortiz had placed toothpicks sturdily into chunks of tuna. Lots of people surely tasted the other fishes, but I'm partial to tuna. I made several return visits for additional chunks.

If I remember correctly, I tasted the Unio vinegar with riesling, which I liked better than the vinegar with cabernet sauvignon.  Country of Origin: Spain-Catalonia. I left the razor clams for others. I don't make a habit of sipping vinegar--this was a first for me.

Several sorts of chocolate here with a lady whose name tag says Susan Bolding, CW Hayward. I tasted the Belgian chocolate with one of those teensy wooden paddles--the plate filled with it is just out of the photo near that gigantic bag of Callebaut.

The lady's name tag says Raquel, Forever Cheese. Nothing else needs to be said, does it? Cheese of all sorts covers the table. I see the word Mitica on labels, along with Montegrappa, Ombra. I also read on a Mitica label, Fig Almond Cake, which sounds delicious. Mitica, Country of Origin--Spain-Valencian Cmty.

Boiron fruit purees. Country of Origin: France. Earlier that same lady handed me one of those small cups filled with several flavors, seems like I remember papaya and kiwi as two of them, along with gin. I could be wrong. I do remember it tasted fresh and that I decided not to drink all of it since I was driving a Zipcar.

The Fine Cheese Co. table, loaded with all sorts of crackers to enjoy with cheese. Country of Origin, the United Kingdom. Those fruit purees in the little jars looked good, so I tasted the fig on the crackers named Bath Ovals--yummy.

ChocoLate Organiko. Country of Origin: Spain-Madrid. Such expressive hands as she talks chocolate with the woman adjusting her purse on her shoulder. As warm as the afternoon turned out to be, I doubt that woman left her sweater/coat on once she stepped outside the warehouse. I tasted several delicious tidbits, all good.

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