Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday's fine for sightseeing and truck racing!

It' a treat to put your feet in the warm waters of the Atlantic. Just think, if'd I turned to my right, I would have been looking towards New York City! I picked up a few pieces of creamy-colored coral as we walked back towards where we'd parked the car.

I still haven't figured out how to finesse this blog stuff, so the photos are not in sequence, but as y'all know, I tend to ricochet while telling tales, so it fits just fine.

We went to South Beach, Miami Beach, and ate lunch at Johnny Rocket's before taking a short walk along the sands that aren't really sand. While we were eating, Leland realized we were in front of the building where MTV's "South Beach" is filmed. In fact, one of the twins came down the stairs, got some money from the ATM and caught a cab right behind us.

The second photo is a close up of the Track Scan from Nextel that we rented for the weekend. With two headphones and one Fan View, we're able to see close up shots of the race, hear the radio broadcast of it, and listen to drivers and their spotters and/or pit crews. It's so much fun. That photo is of Mark Martin on the way to the checkered flag in the Ford 200 last night. That was his last truck race with Roush Racing since he's changing teams next year. The first thing he said after winning was to his crew, thanking them, saying something like "I don't know what I did to deserve you--thanks." I thought that was pretty neat. Oh, and we heard no profanity last night which I have to admit surprised the hell out of me. I did hear one "freakin'" but otherwise, it was all business, especially during the Busch and Cup practices. There's one other photo of Martin with three laps to go--he had to go to the front three times during the race due to cautions and pit stops before finally winning. One time when he got the lead, his spotter told him "You the man."

There's my darlin' 28-year-old son Leland on our balcony yesterday morning, all freshly showered and ready to face the day with his mama. Little did he know that the day would include an unreal amount of regular Miami traffic as we made our way through the streets and over the causeway to Miami Beach.

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