Thursday, November 16, 2006

We are in Miami! Land of Latin music and warm breezes!

We made it to Miami! The flight from Portland to Dallas was pleasantly uneventful, filled with crossword puzzles. In Dallas we learned we'd be delayed in taking off due to another flight's delay. We endured. The presence of two groups of semi-drunk NASCAR fans didn't make it too painful, but truly we were glad to leave them behind at the airport here in Miami.

The photo is from our room on the 17th floor, city view side of the Sonesta Coconut Grove Hotel & Suites. Having eaten nothing but peanut butter and crackers all day, what we in the South call nabs for reasons I've yet to discern, we walked over to the establishment called Cafe Tu Tu Tango to get something to eat and drink, around 11:30 p.m. Miami time. The cafe's outside bar is located in that pinkish-colored strip running across the center of the photo. There was an excellent but extremely loud DJ spinning CDs. His mix choice pleased both Leland and me, oldies and old rap, not too much cussing and such. All I really wanted was some French fries--they were just right. As was their award-winning red wine sangria.

Off to bed in a few and off to the truck races tomorrow night. At the track earlier there will be all sorts of practice sessions and qualifying for the truck race which begins at 8 p.m. NASCAR under the lights. Sounds great to me.

Gotta get some sleep now.

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