Monday, November 06, 2006

Mama's new jammies.

Last Wednesday night, Mama and I decided to forego the results show of "Dancing with the Stars" for a trip to Kohls who had a big sale advertised. I used Mapquest for a map and met Mama at the car; actually, she was waiting in the car because it was cold and windy and rainy. Through gobs of traffic, we persevered to our goal. Hours later, Mama had found five tops, two pairs of pants and some flannel PJs--with polka dots. You've got to understand something about Mama and sleepwear--in my entire life, almost 59 years now, I've never ever seen her sleeping in anything but nylon PJs. I just about fell over in Kohls when I found her looking through the big display of flannel ones. She's a cutie pie in them, isn't she? And the shopping trip wasn't a bust for me either 'cause I found two nice pairs of pants that just need hemming a little bit.

We took what my bud Jean Prather calls a cultural diversion on the way back home. In attempting to back track, I took a wrong turn, swooping to the right and going for miles and miles through who know where, down steeply curving roads through neighborhoods and beside businesses. People from here have shook their heads in wonder that we actually found our way home. Here's how we did it. We saw a sign that said "To Portland" and we went that way until we saw a sign that said "Barbur Blvd." and we went that way 'cause we've been on Barbur Blvd. enough to be familiar with it--it's a way to avoid interstate traffic on the way to the penny machines out in Grande Ronde, Oregon. In fact, we stopped to get the car washed one day, at Kaady Car Wash, touted on their Web site as an environmentally friendly car wash. Lo and behold, after about 30 minutes, we came out right at the car wash. Unreal.

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