Saturday, November 18, 2006

Last little bit from Friday.

This great neon marquee is off out balcony, to the right--wonder who that is in the photo? Must be a comedian who's playing at the Improv, assuming it's a comedy club.

These men in the next photo intently competed in the Ford Pit Stop Challenge, utilizing airguns to change left-side tires on a Ford Infinion. It seemed that a never ending stream of men fulfilled their wildest dreams and hoped to win tickets to next year's Ford Homestead race events.

The second photo shows some of the myriad opportunities provided for one to part with one's money, plus you can see the Goodyear blimp overhead. NASCAR fans are nothing if not loyal consumers. buying all sorts of stuff to label themselves as supporting this driver or that driver. It's fun and colorful.

The second photo shows some of the Nextel Cup cars lined up for practice Friday evening; my favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt Jr., No. 8. In the last shot, Junior had come to a stop after making one lap--the Nextel officials had everyone on the track stop when one of the car's oil lines broke. I couldn't believe that he actually stopped right in front of us; Leland took this photo for me. My little camera doesn't have much of a zoom or flash, so anything I get that is a decent shot is purely an accidental gift. Someday I'll go to another race and have a bigger camera, but until then I'm quite satisfied with serendipty's visits.

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